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2 Jul

Arctificial Territory




     Introduction and Methodology                                                            

           Video No.2, 23’18”


                      Short Interlude: A Tiny Jump into the Future Present

                      Research Question



Contextual Scene: Artwork


           Background: Artwork, Films, and Literature

                        No Empty Space Available

                        Unreliable Perceptions

                               Key Terms

                               Broken Glass

                               Everything Orbits Around Myself

                               I Am a Machine, Not a Human



CHAPTER 1: Feed Us, Please Feed Us – We Need You


             Fun Fair: A Trip to Post- and Transhuman Stuff

                         Never the Same Again

                         Background Radiation: Entering the World

                         of Arctificial Territory

                         Neither One nor the Other

                         Order, Order

                         Sweeter than Chocolate

            Something So Alien that It Hurts

                        The Foreigner Within Us

                        Strangers to Ourselves

                        Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Most Obsessive

                        of All

                        The Other and the Same

              Arctificial Otherness: Summary

                        Video No. 9, 49”

CHAPTER 2: In Control – Out of Control


            Video No. 1, 1’07”

            Control Fields

            Follow Me, I Show You Some Secrets

                        Once More: In Control – Out of Control

                        First Hand Account

                        It Is Lonely Out There

            We are Allergic: OC and Arctificial

                        More, More, More: More About OC and Machines

                        Overload: Survival Strategies

                        OCAL, OCAL, Repeat OCAL: Projections

                        Angst:  What Is OCAL Afraid of?

                        Facts or Fiction: A Pathological Species


                        Paradox: In and Out of the Control Rollercoaster

                        Primary Obsessive Slowness: The Atomic Clock and Attoworld

                        Peep, Peep:  Peep Show

            Danger: Don’t Press This Button

CHAPTER 3: Please, Don’t Render Me Unconscious


            Consciousness Is Stuff

                       Short Journey: The Jungle of Hypotheses

                       An Ideal Supposition for OCAL


                       Video No. 4, 2’54”

                       Finale 1: Zombie, Zombie

                       Finale 2: The Twins: Consciousness & Unconsciousness

            Arctificial Flavours

Video No. 3, 2’52”

            Another Place in Another Narrative: Emotions

                       Throwing Emotions like Throwing Tantrums

                                  The Robot’s Dilemma

                                   Hungry, Hungry

                                  Cry Baby Cry: Arctificial Emotion

                                  Fictional Facts or Factual Fiction

                                  Empathy Rollercoaster                             

CHAPTER 4: Dream Away Baby, Your Head Is Rolling


           Too Much Afterlife

                       Video No. 6, 1’12”


                                  Video No. 7, 1’12”

                                   Impure Bodies and Pure Souls

                                   Video No. 10, 1’41”

                       Stuck in Loops

                                   Other Faces of OCAL

                                   Immortality Delayed

                       Heavenly Bodies: The True Afterlife Chapter

                                   Don’t Forget, Do Forget: Immortal Arctificiality

                                   Aftermath: No End in Sight

                                   Video No. 8, 2’28”

CHAPTER 5: Manifests and Mirrors

            Video No. 5, 2’15”


            Merging Duchamp-land with Turing-land

            The OCAL Manifesto

            Mirroring My Videos: If One Can See Reflection as a Feedback Loop

                        Video No. 11, 3’02”

                        Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

                        Video No. 12, 40″


            Video No. 13, 1’02”


            Pathways to Arctificial Territory


APPENDIX A: AI Bots Confess: I Am OC

APPENDIX B: Additional Artwork and Blogs

Bibliography and Other Sources


            Filmography and Videography

            Conference Presentations and Exhibitions

            Conferences, Talks, and Exhibitions Attended

            Artwork and Music


            Art & Science Organisations



Illustration Index

Illustration 1: Video still, Gudrun Bielz. The Arctificial Obsessive

            Compulsive Project: An Introduction (2007)

Illustration 2: Gudrun Bielz, A strategy for an apparently simple life –

            OCAL (2011), Arctificiality at WordPress, screenshot

Illustration 3: Video still, Gudrun Bielz, Grauer Raum mit Blau (1987)

Illustration 4: Installation view, Gudrun Bielz, Untitled 1 (1992)

Illustration 5: Installation view, Gudrun Bielz, No Empty Space Available?


Illustration 6: Film still 1, VALIE EXPORT, Invisible Adversaries (1976),


Illustration 7: Film still 2, VALIE EXPORT, Invisible Adversaries (1976),


Illustration 8: Film still 3, VALIE EXPORT, Invisible Adversaries (1976),


Illustration 9: Installation view, Steina Vasulka, ALLVISION (1976)

Illustration 10: Installation view, Steina Vasulka, Machine Vision (1978)

Illustration 11: Film still 1, Park Chan-wook, I’m a Cyborg, But

           That’s OK (2008)

Illustration 12: Film still 2, Park Chan-wook, I’m a Cyborg, But

           That’s OK (2008)

Illustration 13: Film still 3, Park Chan-wook, I’m a Cyborg, But

           That’s OK (2008)

Illustration 14: Video still, Gudrun Bielz, “Antificial” Obsessive

           Compulsive Intelligence: Intergalactic Intelligence (2010)

Illustration 15: Video still 1, Gudrun Bielz, AI Bots Confess (2005)

Illustration 16: AI Bots Confess: I am OC, Conversation between

Gudrun Bielz and Dante bot (2005), screenshot

Illustration 17: Video still 2, Gudrun Bielz, AI Bots Confess (2005)

Illustration 18: Video still 3, Gudrun Bielz, AI Bots Confess (2005)

Illustration 19: Video still, Gudrun Bielz, Obsessive-Compulsive Arctificial

            Fish Life: A Sub-species of OCAL (2009)

Illustration 20: Video still, Gudrun Bielz, Microscopic Gold (2008)

Illustration 21: Cynthya Breazeal, Kismet (2000), MIT, robotic head, photo

Illustration 22: Video still, Gudrun Bielz, An Obsessive Rose is an Obsessive

            Rose: Artificial Roses without Thorns (2010)

Illustration 23: Video still, Gudrun Bielz, Nail of a Person with OCD:

            Artificial Nail of an OC Intelligence Unit (2010)

Illustration 24: Video still, Gudrun Bielz, All the Unhappiness about this OCD

            Chip Arctic-sim City Stuff: AI Chip Conquering the Universe (2010)

Illustration 25: Video still, Gudrun Bielz, This Looks like OCAL: Collective

            Consciousness (2010)

Illustration 26: Video still, Gudrun Bielz, HAIR: Hair of a Person with

            OCD (2010)

Illustration 27: Video still, Gudrun Bielz, Rose and Ant: The Unified

            Video (2010)

Illustration 28: Video still, Gudrun Bielz, VALIE EXPORT Advertises

            Arctificialism (2015)

Illustration 29: Video still, Gudrun Bielz, VALIE EXPORT Applies

            Arctificialism (2015)



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