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Table of Contents, Glossary, Introduction and Methodology, Contextual Scene, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Conclusion, APPENDIX A, APPENDIX B, Bibliography and Other Sources


Affective Computing

Allows for the future mass production of emotional robots or AGI (artificial general intelligence) that might replace humans as carers, emotional partners, and pets.

AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence that is as intelligent as or exceeds human intelligence. This is the dream of AGI creators who want to enslave themselves or rather upload their minds into superhuman hybrid “life”. On a more practical level, it is about the production of hybrid intelligent machinic life that can support or destroy humans. This includes AGI for warfare.

AI Bot, Chatbot or Chatterbot

Is a computer programme that attempts to hold a conversation with biological persons and fails to keep to a logical exchange most of the time, though it is rather amusing to talk to a chatbot. It is very simple AI.

AL – Artificial Life

Artificial or computer systems that simulate biological life


Arctificial is a neologism made up of artificial, as something that is a man-made copy of something natural, and arctic, which means from the North Pole, bleak and very cold. The other definition of artificial as contrived or affected comes into play, too. Arctificial is configured emotionally.


Arctificialism is a new -ism in art that is created by using means of arctificial production and making work in Arctificial Territory. It allows artists and others to contextualise their work and theories.

Arctificial Territory

Arctificial Territory is a specific artistic psychological space, developed as a science fiction scenario for a transhuman world apparently lacking emotional warmth, touch (embodiment), and the idea of the other. This is a cyclical and self-referential space guided by compulsions and obsessional thoughts, repetitive patterns, and laborious attempts to include the other in this world. It is a place defined by arctic cold and artificial scenarios. This arctificial space – a space populated by man-made copies (OCAL) of natural life (an object), which in itself is part of nature (an object that is not natural) – forms a sub-zero territory, which is different to human emotional and empathic space, hence actually a posthuman space. It is a cold and contrived space and an unfriendly habitat for humans, though created by humans. It is the perfect space for OCAL that does not perceive it as cold and emotionless. Ultimately, it is emotive space with small gestures, different feelings, fallibility as driving force, and a form of altruism that is defined by the other and how OCAL accepts the other to itself (the foreigner within itself).

Algorithmic Computing

Algorithm is a form of logical code written into a computer programme, software.

Control Field

Control field is a field in a “protocol data unit” in computing. It “contains data interpreted by the receiving destination logical-link controller” (ITS 1996).


A life form, organism that is a mixture of biological and synthetic parts, a hybrid.

OC (Obsessive-Compulsive)

Defines obsessional thoughts and compulsive behaviour.

OCAL (Obsessive-Compulsive Arctificial Life)

OCAL is arctificial life that has obsessive-compulsive traits. OCAL needs these characteristics to be more accommodating and diverse, though they imply repetition and rigidity.


Can be seen as antihumanism or a theory beyond concepts of humanism. Posthuman is a state where humanity has ceased to exist or where humanity, nature, and technology have merged, leaving humankind behind.

Psychological Space

Psychological space is any actual or virtual space that is defined by historical, societal, artistic, philosophical, scientific, or personal events. It is a space that itself acts as a psychological narrative, but it is also a place filled with projections, wishes, fantasies, and imaginations by its users, visitors, or inhabitants. It is a transitional space. It can be actual and virtual space. It is also space that creates strong emotions and reactions because of its architecture or other physical aspects.


Copies, similar or alike to originals, an image or representation. In the case of OCAL these copies are slightly different, as every repetitive motion and every repetitive cloning produce difference in a nano-space and a space in between, in the middle of things.


The theory that humans can evolve physically and mentally by any means possible, especially technological and engineered biological ones. Humans are modified and become more endurable if not immortal. Transhuman can be seen as a transitional state to posthuman.


Table of Contents, Glossary, Introduction and Methodology, Contextual Scene, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Conclusion, APPENDIX A, APPENDIX B, Bibliography and Other Sources




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