2 Jul

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I am grateful to my supervisor Dr. Kate Allen for her invaluable support throughout this research. I would also like to thank my former supervisors Dr. Jonathan Dronsfield and Prof. Stephen Buckley for their generous support. I would like to thank Eliza Bonham Carter who encouraged me to commence this research. My special thanks go to Dr. Juliet Steyn who became my supervisor after Dr. Dronsfield left the university.

I am indebted to the philosophers Dr. Timothy Morton and Dr. Dan O’Hara who found time to discuss aspects of my PhD with me. The artist VALIE EXPORT has been a great friend and advertised my new art movement. I would also like to thank Steina Vasulka for her support.

I am grateful for the encouragement by my friends Dr. Daria Pankl, Kim L. Pace, Sylvana Strasser, and Claudia Strauss. I would also like to thank Ralph Engelhard for his support in the past.

I would like to thank the [singularity] email list @ with Dr. Ben Goertzel and Dr. Natasha Vita-More, to name two of its illustrious members, for having accepted me when I started this thesis. My thanks go to Eliezer Yudkowsky who let me post on the Less Wrong blog.

I am grateful for the support by Dr. Peter Harris at the Centre for Advanced Microscopy, University of Reading. I would like to thank Dr. David J. Stent who invited me to participate at his project Digital Hybridity (2011) with D-MARC, University of Derby. I am grateful to Dr. Roger Cook who asked me to participate at the conference Transversalities (2005), University of Reading.

I would like to thank those who have provided me with a stimulating intellectual environment: the Warwick Knowledge Centre with Virtual Futures, Ray Kurzweil (mailing list and group on FB), the SENS Foundation: Dr. Aubrey de Grey, IEET (Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies), Zero State with Dr. Amon Twyman and Dirk Bruere, the Singularity Network with Nikola Danaylov, and individuals like Dr. Rachel Armstrong, Dr. Laura Beloff, Luke Robert Mason, Rajat Luthra, Dr. Anders Sandberg, and Todd Huffman, to name a few.

Without dancing Flamenco and to music by Booba, Radiohead, and The Mars Volta, it would have been more difficult to write up my PhD. I needed to shake my limbs as much as my brain. Thanks to these musicians. I am also grateful to the Rambert Dance Company in London for having taught me some fundamentals of modern dance.

No words can express the gratitude for my mother Martha Bielz, née Macknig, who had many talents. She encouraged me to become an artist. Unfortunately, she did not accomplish her dream of becoming a fashion designer because of the outbreak of WWII and because her father was persecuted by Nazi Germany for his political stance.

Table of Contents




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